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Hotels in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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20/02/17 - 26/02/17 1 1 Star hotel 2,258 2 2 Stars hotel 3,720 3 3 Stars hotel 5,551 4 4 Stars hotel 8,430 5 5 Stars hotel 12,176
27/02/17 - 05/03/17 1 1 Star hotel 2,470 2 2 Stars hotel 2,651 3 3 Stars hotel 4,417 4 4 Stars hotel 5,030 5 5 Stars hotel 7,808
06/03/17 - 12/03/17 1 1 Star hotel 2,117 2 2 Stars hotel 2,880 3 3 Stars hotel 4,377 4 4 Stars hotel 4,788 5 5 Stars hotel 6,367
13/03/17 - 19/03/17 1 1 Star hotel 1,235 2 2 Stars hotel 3,035 3 3 Stars hotel 3,706 4 4 Stars hotel 5,116 5 5 Stars hotel 5,382

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About Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the capital city, which crowns an island of high cliffs to the north and long beaches to the south, with a mild climate throughout the year. The historical and cultural blend that this unique island offers is incomparable, with its unforgettable mixed legacy of aboriginal culture from Guanche, and the colonial past and influences from Europe, America and Africa that ooze in its streets. The island has a total of 2000 kilometers of coast where you can practice any water sport.
In the city you can visit the Canario Museum, the Néstor Museum, the Cathedral of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as well as enjoy its distinctive cuisine.
As for its beaches, the most well-known is the beach Las Canteras, a beautiful urban beach with golden sand golden sand around by La Barra, a reef which break down the waves without entirely calm the waters. This beach is surrounded by a promenade filled with terraces on which to spend the hours. There, at the foot of the island, you find the El Confital, an area of strong waves ideal for surfers. Also near the island you find the Castillo de la Luz and its beautiful rose garden.
Nearby is the Park Santa Catalina, a shopping center that covers all the needs of tourists.
Because of all these elements that surround the beach of Las Canteras it is reasonable why it is considered such a beautiful place, and it is recommended to start a visit of the city from this point.
Like any large city, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has a wide range of leisure at night. Bars usually stay open until 2am and the discotheques do not close before 6 am. The area of the “Plaza de España” contains places with the latest trends, while other areas such as "El Coto" are devoted to live performances and music from the 60s. The "Museum of Rum” is one of the obligatory stops in the night, as the city has a long tradition in the making of this liquor.
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