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Hotels in Rotterdam

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20/02/17 - 26/02/17 1 1 Star hotel 2,312 2 2 Stars hotel 3,239 3 3 Stars hotel 3,050 4 4 Stars hotel 3,478 5 5 Stars hotel 5,565
27/02/17 - 05/03/17 1 1 Star hotel 2,846 2 2 Stars hotel 2,924 3 3 Stars hotel 3,134 4 4 Stars hotel 3,370 5 5 Stars hotel 4,761
06/03/17 - 12/03/17 1 1 Star hotel 2,846 2 2 Stars hotel 3,579 3 3 Stars hotel 2,970 4 4 Stars hotel 3,362 5 5 Stars hotel 4,727
13/03/17 - 19/03/17 1 1 Star hotel 2,781 2 2 Stars hotel 3,552 3 3 Stars hotel 3,099 4 4 Stars hotel 3,378 5 5 Stars hotel 4,727

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About Rotterdam

You will not find huge complexes of historical buildings in Rotterdam but you will find some good examples of experimental contemporary architecture. Rotterdam is a young, modern city that elegantly rose up again from the horror of World War II. Its port, which happens to be the second most important one in the world, has helped transform Rotterdam into the commercial city of the Netherlands and, given its activity, into a welcoming place for the tourist.

Near the central station you will find the Millenium Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the Netherlands, at a height of about 150 m. Head south, towards the sea along Coolsinger St to see the few but beautiful architectural elements of the city centre. The Town Hall (STADHUIS) is a sand stone neo-Renaissance building dating from 1920, standing alongside the neo-Classic Central Post Office, built in 1923. Nearby is St. Lawrence’s Church (Sint Laurenskerk), built between the 15th and 16th centuries, a Gothic-Dutch style building, and the oldest church in Rotterdam. The Historical Museum of Rotterdam (Schielandshuis) dates from 1655 and is the second oldest in the city. This location provides an excellent point from which to walk to the Oudehaven Pier, built in 1351, where you can explore Rotterdam’s history through its ships. Carry on to De Hof Bridge, which was once a railway bridge overlooking the river, but is now out of service. Despite this, it is still a symbol of the city’s prosperity. Don’t miss the elegant Erasmusbrug Bridge, nicknamed “the swan” due to its similar shape. If you like, you can get a very different and interesting view of the city by taking a short cruise around the massive harbour. Following that, you can admire the White House which dates from 1898, and is decorated in the Nouveau-Art style, and the neighbouring Wijnhaven Houses and the famous Cubic Houses (Kubuswoningen), a series of cube-shaped houses three storeys high. If you want to visit the interior, find building number 70.

To bid farewell to the city, climb to the top of the Euromast Tower near Het Park. On the way, pay a visit to the Bojiman Museum in Museum Park, the city’s oldest and most renowned museum, with masterpieces by classical artists, recordings and drawings and decorative and modern art.
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