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Hotels in Asuncion

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20/02/17 - 26/02/17 2 2 Stars hotel 2,282 3 3 Stars hotel 4,486 4 4 Stars hotel 5,682 5 5 Stars hotel 8,862
27/02/17 - 05/03/17 2 2 Stars hotel 1,727 3 3 Stars hotel 2,660 4 4 Stars hotel 2,981 5 5 Stars hotel 4,649
06/03/17 - 12/03/17 2 2 Stars hotel 2,688 3 3 Stars hotel 2,464 4 4 Stars hotel 3,090 5 5 Stars hotel 6,001
13/03/17 - 19/03/17 2 2 Stars hotel 2,694 3 3 Stars hotel 5,081 4 4 Stars hotel 5,785 5 5 Stars hotel 9,661

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About Asuncion

Asunción, or Nuestra Señora Santa María de la Asunción, is the capital of the South American country of Paraguay. It houses the most powerful legal and economic institutions as well as the majority of the population of Paraguay.
Asunción, now a center for relaxation, was once a fruitful mining location whose river basin yielded silver and gold. Originally inhabited by American Indians, it was founded as a Spanish colony in 1537. It was the point of departure for a multitude of expeditions until the outbreak of the War of the Triple Alliance, which left the city almost entirely destroyed. By the end of the 19th century and at the outset of the 20th, the city was reinvigorated by the large flow of immigrants that spurred a cultural, economic and architectonic change that even today is palpable in the very air of the city.
As a token of the city’s history and wealth, the Paraguay River is present in the life of all Asunción’s citizens. A vibrant city that over time has worked to improve its infrastructural development, Asunción may play high stakes… but always with its own wealth. Touristic development is not very developed, though this is not for want of sites. Visit the Presidential Palace, the Church of the Incarnation, the Metropolitan Cathedral or the House of Independence. Asunción contains a multitude of museums, some of great interest, such as the Manzana de la Rivera and the National Museum of Fine Arts; but two of the most visited points are the Oratory of the Virgin of the Assumption and the Pantheon of Heroes. And so it is that the ‘mother of all cities’, as Asunción is also known, is a resting place and an oasis of relaxation while simultaneously a departure point; after visiting other great nearby tourist regions, come soak up the history that inundates this city.

Points of Interest in Asuncion

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